Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Holiday Party!

Ho Ho Happy Holidays! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Family House holiday party - so much merriment! Volunteer chefs took over 2 kitchens - one with traditional American Christmas dishes, like ham and roasted veggies (thank you, Brasch family and friends!) - and the other with Mexican favorites, including tamales - yum (thank you, Gina Gorman and staff from The Madrone and GB Group)! There were appetizers and so many homemade desserts by the Family House Family Services committee and Family House board members, and entertainment by DJ Raul and the amazing Magic Mike and Magic Genii (who were truly magical!), plus folks in festive character costumes (thank you Bobby Thomas and friends - Nick, Jason, Kamron, Tom, Ted, Matt, David F., Kim, David L., Spencer, DeAnne, Janelle, Natalia, Bernadette, John, and Anthony). Thank you to our annual Christmas elves including Alyson and James and the Wong family, everyone who volunteered, donated toys and holiday stockings, and contributed to Family House magic at the holidays!

Check out photos from the party, and see the photos with Santa!

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