The Young Professional Advisory Council (YPAC) is a significant resource to Family House, its Board of Directors and the children they serve. YPAC assists the Family House board, CEO, and Staff by acting as ambassadors for the agency through fundraising and advocacy activities. The Council is made up of approximately 20 members who are passionate about being active and philanthropic members of their community. The Council solicits gifts from individuals and organizations to help fulfill the mission of Family House to provide free housing for families whose children have life threatening illnesses.

Desired Industries/Skills:
YPAC represents the diversity of the community it serves. We are currently seeking members with expertise in Hospitality & Tourism, Bio-Tech, Finance and Accounting, Legal, Graphic Design, or Marketing.

Family House Responsibilities:
Family House is committed to supporting YPAC through the following actions:
  • Communicate Family House activities on a consistent and thorough basis. All Council members will receive agendas and minutes of all Board meetings and Enewsletters.
  • Council members will be invited to Family House events
  • Council members will be provided with Family House business cards

Council Member Responsibilities:
Each Council member is expected to support Family House through the following actions:
  • Attend YPAC meetings
  • Contribute or successfully solicit $1000 to Family House
  • Promote Family House on an as needed basis at Family House events and presentations in the community.
  • Be available to the Board of Directors, CEO, and Staff for consultation and advice in the Council member’s area of expertise.
  • Participate in Ad Hoc taskforces made up of Council members, Board members, CEO, Staff, and/or volunteers created to address specific issues utilizing the member’s area of expertise.
Each Council member is strongly encouraged to:
  • Attend a briefing of Family House’s activities and future goals
  • Attend Board of Directors meetings held quarterly
  • Attend or volunteer at various Family House events
  • Attend training
  • Refer potential donors to Family House.
Council Leadership:
YPAC is internally led by an appointed Chairperson, Co-Chairperson and committee leadership. Appointments are made through consensus of the CEO and current YPAC Chairperson and Co-Chairperson. The Chairperson presides at all YPAC meetings. The Co-Chairperson helps manage YPAC responsibilities and fills the role of the Chairperson when unavailable. The Chairperson and Co-Chairperson serve on the Board of Directors as non-voting members. New YPAC members are nominated and then approved by the CEO, YPAC Chairperson and Co-Chairperson. Other leadership opportunities are available for YPAC members as committees, task forces and special projects require.

Term of Office:
YPAC members serve a two year term with the option to renew twice (not to exceed 6 years of service) at the pleasure of the Board of Directors.