Monday, February 27, 2012

A Volunteer's Story

Micah Porat learned 
about Family House in 2010 and started volunteering by bringing presents 
and baking cookies during the holidays. His time with the siblings at the house last
 year was very meaningful for him. We would like to share his story:

Visiting my brother while he was at the hospital helped me understand
 the importance for patients to have family with them. As I walked
 through the hallways at night, I heard kids cry for their parents. We
 were fortunate to have one of the greatest hospitals in the country a
 few steps away, but many families suffering like ours travel long
 distances for good medical attention. Two years ago I learned about and
 began volunteering at Family House, which gives families a
 place to stay while their critically ill child is being treated at UCSF Benioff Children’s hospital. I play with the 
siblings while their parents are at the hospital. I can relate to the
 siblings' feelings, and I give hope to their families by telling them
 how my brother survived. Helping these kids reminded me of the
 importance of giving back. When my family needed help, so many people
 were available. Now that my family is healthy, it is important for me to 
help the families who are in need.

 My work at the Family House strengthened the values I had already gained
 when I was young and helping my own family.  I took my own harsh
 situation and turned it into motivation to help others. These
 experiences will help me live my life with responsibility and
 compassion, which are values I learned throughout receiving and giving