Monday, February 12, 2018

Rockstar Volunteer: Alyssa Hunter

Many Family House volunteers are able to bring their special talents to help families directly, in areas such as yoga, massage therapy, or providing haircuts.  A very unique and special gift that Alyssa Hunter has brought to our families is to capturing the beauty in their lives.  Alyssa has been offering free portrait photography to all of the families since December 2016. She has also generously captured big parties at Family House, such as Thanksgiving Dinner, Holiday Dinner, Summer Carnival, and other events.

 Alyssa takes time to get to know each family, and photographs the whole family together, and does individual portraits, too. She has a unique skill to make the little ones smile and pose even when they are not up for the task. She is very caring, gentle, and empathetic for the situations they are going through.  The photos are a stunning display of the courage, hope, and beauty within each child.

Outside of volunteering at Family House, Alyssa runs her own photography business, Alyssa Hunter Photo, capturing photos of Bay Area families. She has a natural eye for providing her clients with the perfect portrait. On behalf of the families and staff, we say THANK YOU to Alyssa for all that she offers, and for her help in making our families feel beautiful.

Check out Alyssa's beautiful work at