Monday, October 28, 2019

Family House Families are Real Superheroes

For Halloween, lots of kids like to dress up as their favorite superhero, but we’d like to acknowledge how the children at Family House are year-round superheroes. The patients here often endure terrible treatments in order to save their lives - and usually, they are the bravest people in the room! Even when they aren’t feeling well, the children at Family House are kids first: they want to play, they want to cuddle, and they want to be normal kids. Sometimes they even put on a brave face so their parents won’t worry. 

Their siblings, whether at Family House or back at home, are equally strong and deserve their own recognition. It’s hard to be concerned for the health and happiness of a brother or a sister who is going through treatments; it’s hard to have parents who are worried and stressed; it’s hard when the whole family can’t be together. Even for a child who is well, having a sick sibling can have negative physical and emotional consequences, and we want to acknowledge them for their strength, patience, and compassion.

And let’s not forget the parents, who go above and beyond for their children, often putting their own wellness aside. We love you, SuperMoms and SuperDads, and applaud you for all you do!

This Halloween, when you see superheroes out trick or treating - remember that we have some of the most amazing superheroes right here at Family House - every day.

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