Thursday, April 28, 2016

Top 25 Reasons to Volunteer At Family House

1) Give back to your community
2) Directly support families in crisis
3) Contribute to a cause that you care about
4) Make a difference
5) Help others
6) Gain a sense of accomplishment
7) Learn new skills
8) Meet new people
9) Make lifelong friends
10) It feels great!
11) Actively contribute to make the world a better place
12) Comfort those who need it most
13) Brighten up someone's day
14) Help provide exceptional cost free service
15) Feel involved
16) Get satisfaction from helping others
17) Be a shoulder to cry on
18) Be a caring heart and a listening ear
19) Immerse yourself in a new community
20) Devote yourself to a cause
21) Give to a local San Francisco charity
22) Be where individual contributions matter
23) Be a part of something bigger than yourself
24) Advocate for a mission you believe in
25) Spread the mission to your networks

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Family House Volunteer!

Volunteers play a pivotal role in the success of our mission by assisting our staff in providing a safe and comfortable home for families in crisis. There are a variety of opportunities for you to volunteer at Family House, depending on your interests and availability. We work with each volunteer to make sure your time is used efficiently and productively. We have been fortunate to work with an abundance of hard working San Franciscans, including those at corporations, schools, churches, scouts, and community groups. Learn more about volunteering at

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