Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rockstar Volunteer: Malia Pratt

As a junior high student at St. Cecilia School, Malia Pratt has continuously dedicated her time to help the families at Family House. Spearheading weekly arts & crafts activities for kids and parents alike, she has helped lighten the lives of our families. Malia works judiciously, crafting projects on a weekly basis for kids to use their imaginations and create small works of art.   

Malia loves being around people, especially kids, and was inspired to volunteer at Family House from viewing videos on the website. She has devoted nearly 6 months of service to our 10th Ave home, and families have come to look forward to her projects.

In her free time, Malia loves sports, art, piano, and reading.

On behalf of the families and staff, we say THANK YOU to Malia for all that she offers and for her help in making Family House a better place.

Learn more about volunteering at Family House at

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