Monday, September 21, 2015

Remembering Violet Banta

“Hello, Darling!”

The “Queen of the Inner Sunset,” Violet Banta was everywhere, it seemed. Over the last 3-4 years, Violet made it her personal mission to “tell one person every day about Family House - and to get them to donate,” and wow, did she succeed! Thanks to Violet, Family House has received countless in-kind donations - everything from cheese to granola bars to items for auctioning at fundraising events, and so much more.

Jon Hodo, Resident Manager of the Family House 10th Avenue location, wrote this poem, which he shared at her memorial service:

A Violet blew through my window one day smiling and waving looking to say hey

She had the kindest soul, and the biggest heart.
Her love for all was truly off the charts.

We've seen you laugh, we've watched you cry
I'll miss the days where we chat to say hi

Even though you've left, you're never forgotten
I can see you smilin' while I'm down here sobbing

So here's plenty of love that I'm sending your way
Until we cross paths once again someday

She always had a smile and a kind word for those she would meet, and it was important to her to get to know everyone in her community. She was 88 years young, but with the energy and enthusiasm of a woman far younger. We love you, Violet, and will all remember you fondly!


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