Monday, August 24, 2015

4Paws Therapy Dogs at Family House

4Paws Therapy Dogs at Family House by Misty Moonlight

“I’m Misty Moonlight, one of four 4PAWS therapy dogs that visit Family House. The others are Jonny Jusice, Ollie, and Fozzy.

“We dogs meet a wide range of Family House residents, from 4 year olds to young adults, and all seem very upbeat. I don’t know if it’s the result of the atmosphere at Family House, or the presence of us cheerful dogs - probably some of each! During a recent visit, I met a boy about 7 years old and his younger sister. They didn’t have pets at home, so I was a novelty for them. The boy liked me right away, but his little sister was afraid and wouldn’t even touch me! After a while, James (my person) showed the girl how to use the brush so that she could join her brother, without touching me. Soon, she was petting me just like her brother. When we were getting ready to leave, she gave me a hug! James asked her if she would like to have a dog of her own at home. She thought about it, and said, ‘No, a cat.’ Maybe I should learn to purr!

“Another one of my favorite activities is visiting the campers at Enchanted Hills Camp for the Blind. A young lady who was a member of the staff pointed at the Family House patch on my 4PAWS vest and asked about it. She said that she had spent so much time there during treatments that she felt like that’s where she grew up. She is now a ‘Guardian Angel,’ helping the blind campers safely enjoy all of the activities available to them. Another successful alumni with fond memories of Family House.

“Enjoy the sunshine, but pray for rain,

-Misty Moonlight”

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