Monday, June 29, 2015

Rockstar Volunteer: Jenn Acierto

“The greatest gift you can give is to make someone feel beautiful inside and out.” This is what Jenn Acierto recognizes when she volunteers at Family House each month, providing haircuts to families. Jenn heard about Family House through years of styling the hair of Family House CEO, Alexandra Morgan.

With a child in and out of the hospital, there is no time for parents to take care of personal needs beyond the basics, including the simple act of getting a haircut.  Jenn brings the salon to Family House so parents can take a few minutes to focus on themselves, to feel beautiful, before going back to the challenging reality of being a full-time caretaker. Salon-quality haircuts for the little ones and mom and dad makes them feel loved and cared for - especially when some families wouldn’t even be able to afford such luxuries back home.

Jenn Acierto is a  San Francisco native, who began her artistic career as a makeup artist for Bobbi Brown. She has a natural eye for providing her clients with the perfect look to match their lifestyle.  On behalf of the families and staff, we say THANK YOU to Jenn for all that she offers and for her help in making Family House a better place.

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