Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Rockstar Volunteer: Delaney Randles

The work of a Volunteer Leader at Family House is never quite what one would expect. Many of our weekly volunteers help to restock the common areas of the house, ensuring that our families have enough supplies, including toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and other necessities. This spring, our amazing volunteer Delaney Randles took on the job of restocking, inventorying, and reorganizing the house each week. She has been a huge help to the volunteer program as well as to other staff members helping with office projects.

 Not only does she volunteer and go to school she also has an internship at the California Department of Public Health and has often worked on issues with the CalREDIE system in hospitals and with problems involving disease outbreak.
When Delaney has a spare moment she loves science (especially neuroscience), sketching and painting, playing many instruments, and reading science fiction books and comics.

Delaney has gotten to know a lot of the volunteers and families, and is a huge help to the Volunteer Program. Thank you Delaney for all of your hard work! Family House wouldn’t be the same without you!

Learn more about volunteering at Family House at http://www.familyhouseinc.org/volunteer.html

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