Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Rockstar Volunteers: Vagaboom

Have you ever tried to stop and smell the flowers?

Our families and staff certainly have with the help from Amanda, a specialist in aromatherapy and botanical remedies made from natural ingredients you would find in the home.

Amanda came to Family House from a nonprofit called Vagaboom whose mission is to supplement diminished arts and physical education in schools, community centers, and women’s shelters.

We were lucky enough to have Vagaboom artist and therapist Amanda working with Family House throughout February. She taught patients, families, and even staff how to stop and relax through art and creative activities using your sense of smell to guide you through the process.

“It’s a smelly world out there,” said Amanda, "we should take the time to stop and smell something that we enjoy, that calms, and heals." Families got to make their own body scrubs, perfumed oils, and facial masks to take with them wherever they go.

Amanda believes that these small things can make our bodies relax, and can be incorporated in our everyday lives, no matter how hectic things get. We thank Amanda and Vagaboom for their support in making the families’ experience just a little easier at Family House.

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