Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Train’s Pat Monahan Visits Family House

You know by now that the members of Grammy-award-winning San Francisco band Train love Family House, and you know we love them even more!

These amazing individuals were looking for a SF children’s charity that they could get behind, and their search led them to us. Since then, they started the Save Me, San Francisco Wine Company, producing several different varietals, all of which have received accolades in international wine circles. Then they paired with the Ghiradelli Chocolate Company to create Save Me, San Francisco Chocolates - delicious flavors that pair great with wine! The proceeds from all of these products go to Family House and help families in their greatest time of need.

The money they have raised on our behalf will have a lasting legacy on the future of Family House - the Nancy & Stephen Grand Family House at Mission Bay will have a Train music room.  Music heals, and this space will give kids a chance to be kids. We can’t wait for this!

But one of the things we love most about Train is that they really walk the walk. They don’t just sign checks, they are actively involved in our mission.  Because of constant touring, they are rarely home in SF, but when they can, they always make a point to stop in at Family House to meet families and hang out. When they’re with us, they aren’t rockstars - they’re regular people who are part of the Family House family who want to know the stories, who want to meet the kids, who want to know what they can personally do to help. Incredible, right?

And they are putting all of their weight behind the Calling All Angels crowdfunding campaign at indiegogo.com/projects/calling-all-angels  Check out this great video that Pat recorded just last week!

We are so lucky that the guys in Train share their love with us!  Share if you agree! #FHAngels

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