Monday, January 6, 2014


A personal note from Joey Kotfica, Social Media Coordinator:

I'm still "the new girl" at Family House - I've only been on staff since February 2013.  I've grown so much this year - sharing the joys and sorrows of the families who stay here. Our offices are in the same building, and so, we will have morning coffee with parents, or take a little foosball break in the living room with some of the kids in the afternoon. I've gotten to know and admire so many people who pass through our doors: the families for their strength; the patients for their courage and optimism; the volunteers and donors for their generosity of time, talent, and treasure; and my amazingly compassionate co-workers.

The air these last few weeks here at Family House has been a little different - more energized. The phones and doorbells are ringing, we're getting emails, cards, and social media messages from so many people wanting to know how they can help.  We're getting messages of gratitude from our families in every form possible. Last week, a young couple who have been staying at Family House regularly all year came downstairs, and as one of them started to say thank you for the services we provide, she started crying, unable to speak her words of thanks. (So of course, I started crying with her.)

I've known for years what a special place Family House is, but it hasn't been until this year that I've been able to truly appreciate all of the love (really, just so much love) within our little family.  Thank you all for sharing that with me, and with each other.

Happy holidays to each of you, and best wishes for a healthy 2014.

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