Sunday, June 30, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight: Helena Karnilowicz

Volunteer leader, marathon volunteer, research assistant. Is there anything that Helena Karnilowicz doesn’t do? Read more about the Family House July Volunteer Spotlight, and why she’s so awesome!

The work of a Volunteer Leader at Family house is never quite what one would expect. There are various ways in which they assist the staff at Family House: data entry, helping to manage family dinner nights, helping with the summer high school program.

Additionally this summer, Helena Karnilowicz took on the job of working the SF Marathon at a water station on behalf of Family house. She has been a huge help to the volunteer program as well as to other staff members helping with office projects.

Not only does Helena volunteer, but she also works for UCSF in a research program capacity understanding neurological and physiological aspects of the human brain. On top of everything, she is the President of her Psi Chi chapter at the University of San Francisco.

When Helena has a spare moment, she loves cooking, reading, exercising, and even cleaning1 Helena has gotten to know a lot of the volunteers and families, and is a huge help to the Volunteer Program. Thank you, Helena, for all of your hard work! Family House wouldn't be the same without you!

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