Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Family House Community

           As many of our families tell us when they open up about their favorite aspects of Family House, the sense of community built up here is incredible. Families that stay here are able to meet others going through similar situations and form bonds that help support them while here. Many parents have told us that the relationships they’ve forged during their time at Family House are irreplaceable connections that will remain long after they leave. The other weekend, two families currently staying at our 10th Avenue home went on a little trip that exemplified what our Family House community truly is.
           We recently interviewed the Atwood family, who came to us from Fresno a number of weeks ago so that their young daughter Laci could receive radiation treatment. While here, they met the Courtemanche family and instantly became friends. Meanwhile, back home, John and Karissa Atwood’s friends were organizing a monster truck racing fundraising event for Laci. The Atwood’s decided to invite their new friends along for the trip, and both families packed up and made the drive down to Bakersfield for the weekend.
In their hometown, the Atwood’s provided everything for the Courtemanche’s to make sure they felt welcome and supported. Then, the day of the event, the community of support fostered at Family House became even more apparent as Abbi Courtemanche stepped up to help in the fundraising for Laci as she went around with a hat collecting donations. The fundraiser ended up being a huge success, due in part to Abbi’s help in gathering donations. The Atwood family then made a great gesture of friendship in sharing the proceeds of the event with the Courtemanche family.
It is connections and friendships like these that embody the sense of community at Family House, and we thank all of our families for always thinking of each other in such generous and thoughtful ways!

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