Saturday, November 12, 2011

We Love! is an enterprise cloud computing company that aims to help enterprise customers increase sales, improve customer service, collaborate with their team, and develop customized applications on the Salesforce platform.  Another aspect of this company is their Foundation which is based on a simple idea: Donate 1% of’s resources to support organizations that are working to make our world a better place. To say the least, Family House is extremely glad to be reaping the benefits of this great foundation’s generosity.

Since early 2009, Salesforce has been an extremely important and driving force behind the success of Family House. They have contributed countless hours, close to 1,000 dollars in donations and the generous time and energy of over 200 volunteers.  Throughout the years, Salesforce has carried out numerous events and activities for our families. From painting rooms, gardening and reorganizing the garage; to creating a carnival, hosting food drives and a summer kick-off BBQ, nothing stops the Salesforce team when it comes to doing good at Family House! In fact, since partnering with the New Hire employees, volunteer support at Family House has risen 50%! Every time Salesforce team members enter our houses, the place ends up looking better and the kids and their families feel better too!

Salesforce volunteers help us create activities that enhance the lives of the families staying with us. During these times, our families and their children are able to forget the stresses of the hospital and the pain of treatment. They are able to have fun, enjoy themselves and smile! We thank for doing such great work and for helping change the lives and situations of the families staying with us at Family House.

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